If I report to one credit bureau, will my data show up on all four?

The short answer is no. Each credit bureau maintains their own seperate database of consumer credit information which they use to populate their own consumer credit report. The strength of their database directly impacts the sales of their credit reports and scoring models so it is not always in their best intersts to share the information. In fact, often times the bureaus will compare their credit report with a competitors in order to win over more business.

That said, they do work together in some aspects in order to bring more standards and accountability to their industry. One example of this cooperation is the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA). Representatives from all four major credit bureaus attend regular meetings of the association to help being more standards and accountability to their industry. The Metro 2 Format was a cooperative effort between all four bureaus as was the creation of the E-OSCAR system for automated corrections to consumer credit files.

While the bureaus remain competitive with eachother, they also recognize their impact on individual consumers and strive to encourage high standards for maintaining data integrity as an industry.

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Is there a minimum number of records required to report to the Credit Bureaus?

Each credit bureau sets their own policy regarding the minimum number of records they will accept (see below). However, there are some things you can do to ensure you meet their bar.

First, make sure to report your entire portfolio. This will maximize the total number of accounts in your file and is altogether better for the consumer. Reporting both good and bad debt is looked upon favorably by the credit bureaus.

Second, you are allowed to go back in your system up to 7 years when creating your file. This would include closed accounts, open collections, and charged-off debt. Again, this will help to increase your file size.

Lastly, using a credit bureau reporting service, like Datalinx, may help by stacking your information along with all our other customers. Because of our established relationship with each of the credit bureaus, we can reassure them that your data will be evaluated prior to submitting electronically.

Credit Bureau Minimums (as of 7/2008):


Minimum 500 active accounts with the exception of Credit Unions and Banks which have a 100 record minimum.


No Minimum, however a waiting period may apply for industries other than Banks, Credit Unions, or Mortgage lenders.

Trans Union

Minimum 100 active accounts for all industries except Banks and Credit Unions where there typically is no minimum.


Less than 100 accounts must be reported through an approved credit bureau reporting service such as Datalinx.

*States who require Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan reporting may bypass these minimums. Please check with the bureaus for more information.

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