What Are The Requirements For Reporting Rental Data

The requirements for reporting rental data are slightly different that those for reporting regular tradelines.

First, similar to reporting regular tradelines, you must go through a verification process called credentialing. During the credentialing process you will be asked to provide several pieces of documentation to verify the ownership of the property and authorization to report.

However, unlike reporting regular tradelines, the bureaus have no minimums on rental data and do not require on-site inspections. This makes it much easier for smaller property owners to report their data to the bureaus.

There are also no requirements on reporting both good and bad accounts. While the bureau still prefers a full file of information, they will accept delinquent-only files from the rental industry.

Reporting rental data is a new industry for the bureaus. Working with the knowledgeable staff at Datalinx will help ensure a smooth and speedy process towards approval.

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