What is E-Oscar?

what is e-oscarE-Oscar is a web-based tool used by the credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, Trans Union, and Innovis) and Data Furnishers for managing consumer disputes.

When a consumer disputes a tradeline on their credit report, the credit bureaus enter the dispute into E-Oscar which in turn notifies the Data Furnisher of the dispute. The Data Furnisher can then use E-Oscar to either update the tradeline or verify that the existing information is correct.

In addition to responding to consumer disputes, Data Furnisher’s can also use E-Oscar to process out-of-cycle updates to their tradelines. What they can’t do is enter new tradelines in the system. In order to enter new tradelines you need to submit a Metro 2 credit reporting file.

Datalinx can help guide you through the sign up process with E-Oscar and also work with you on generating a Metro 2 file.

How to report credit

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