How To Report To The Credit Bureaus

With the ebb and flow of our economy, businesses who extend credit to consumers may find themselves needing to report their credit accounts to the major credit bureaus.We can help you understand how to do this…

Report to credit bureau

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One thought on “How To Report To The Credit Bureaus

  1. Hello,

    I have a revolving account with a furniture company whom I have conducted business for 25 years. Currently, they do not report to the credit bureaus. I have always paid them on time and have had as much as 8,000.00 in credit with them. I am making payments on some furniture currently and most likely continue to in the future. I really need for them to report to at least one credit bureau. I have discussed this with them and they seem receptive to the idea. What needs to happen to get them started on this matter.

    I need this credit reported to improve my credit score because I have utilized a lot of credit in the past. I would greatly appreciate your help.


    Randy Williams

  2. Hello, thanks for your attention to our inquiry. Here is our situation. 2 years ago, my gf & I bought a house thru our previous landlords we rented from with a wrap-around mortgage, what happened was they owned the house free and clear but took out a loan on it that were currently paying our mortgage on and were paying it thru a third party title co (fidelity national title co), the title co told us that unfortunately they do not report to the credit bureau, here lies our problem. ..we are trying to figure out how we can submit our pymt history to our credit report as we are also trying to sell this house and buy a newer home where a higher credit score is needed , can you help both me and my girlfriend accomplish this since we are co owners on the home and need this history added to both our reports, or is there any guidance you can provide on this? Thank you very much! My phone number is also 480-559-4205. Thanks.

  3. I have been buying 3 cars from Babalu Auto from Mr. Eddie for 4 years amd he has not been reporting it to any credit bureaus and I’m trying to buy a house and get my credit correct. Mr. Eddie doesn’t know how to report. Can someone call him @ 713-694-6900 and explain to him what he needs to do? My number is 832-880-1010
    Please help me. Thank you, Deborah Marrow-Lewis.

  4. Hi Deborah,

    Have Mr. Eddie contact use at the email address below. We can help him get setup as a Data Furnisher with the credit bureaus and begin reporting your car loans on your credit file.


  5. Hi Matthew,

    It may be possible to have this reported on your credit file, but it would need to be reported as a Rental agreement rather than a Mortgage. Only Fidelity National Title would have the authority to report it as a Mortgage and it sounds like they are not setup to do so. However, your current landlord should be able to report your monthly payments as rental payments depending on how they setup the mortgage. While not weighted as heavily as mortgage payments, rent payments definitely have an impact on your credit score and should help you if you’re making them on time each month.

    I would suggest contacting us at the email below to discuss your situation in more detail.

    Paul H.

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